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District 15 Candidates Forum Video

Click on the VOTE button at the NWSC PTA website to view the video

Nine questions were answered at the District 15 Board of Education Candidates Forum held Tuesday, April 2nd. See below to find the start time for each question.

To view the video visit Northwest Suburban Council PTA/PTSA and click on the VOTE button.

Start Times - Questions

  • 00:03:20 – Opening statements
  • 00:19:41 – Q1 Concerning the Late Start / Early Release for teacher development time, how would you vote between Monday Late Start, Wednesday Late Start or Friday Early Release?
  • 00:25:08 – Q2 Do you feel that class size matters and what do you feel is an ideal class size in our district?
  • 00:32:52 – Q3 Several schools are currently at capacity with no hopes in the near future of having enrollment numbers decline. Currently an entire 3rd grade class in one school has an average of 31 students per section. With that said, what is your position regarding redrawing the district boundary lines so that all schools have a similar population?
  • 00:39:48 – Q4 Please state and defend your position on bus outsourcing.
  • 00:47:43 – Q5 What does a successful student leaving 8th grade look like and how do we do this?
  • 00:56:02 – Q6 How do we get the voices of the teachers heard in the decision-making of board meetings and forums?
  • 01:03:06 – Q7 What do you think is the role of a school board member?
  • 01:09:10 – Q8 Would you support the continued use of the Board of Education communication forums and do you have any suggestions for improvement?
  • 01:16:18 – Q9 What are your views on the Common Core standards?
  • 01:24:37 – Closing statements

Thank you to the NWSC PTA for hosting this forum.

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