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District 15 Board Goals for 2014-2015

September 3, 2014

Dear District 15 Community,

District 15 will be considering Board Goals for the 2014-2015 school year at the School Board meeting next Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, at 7pm.

A first draft was presented to the Board at our August meeting and there was an extended discussion of concerns and suggestions for changes; however, only one change was made in the revised draft to expand the scope of the goal to create a long-term financial plan.

My concerns and suggestions were not incorporated into the revised draft. As just one example, there is no Board Goal in two categories: Enhance Student Learning and Stakeholder Involvement. As a School Board Member I find it unacceptable that we have no Board Goal to enhance learning nor improve stakeholder involvement.

Following are the current draft goals:

GOAL CATEGORY #1: Enhance Student Learning

  • Board Goal: None

GOAL CATEGORY #2: Learning & Organizational Development

  • Board Goal: Implement new teacher evaluation plan; evaluate implementation; plan for incorporation of student growth data. Evaluation report to Board / summer 2015.
  • Board Goal: Evaluate PD early release time; seek ways to develop leadership among all staff members during these times. Evaluation report to Board / summer 2015.

GOAL CATEGORY #3: Effective Instructional Environments

  • Board Goal: Use the 10-year life safety study to plan for future facilities maintenance. Comprehensive plan created and presented to the Board / spring 2015.

GOAL CATEGORY #4: Stakeholder Involvement

  • Board Goal: None

GOAL CATEGORY #5: Resource Stewardship

  • Board Goal: Combine 5-year forecast data from Forecast5 Analytics, and 10-year life safety study to create a long-term financial plan. Financial options presented to the Board / spring 2015.

Watch the August discussion of Board Goals. The video is available online starting at 0:37:38: Video of District 15 August 2014 School Board Meeting. Additional information about the District’s goals is available at District 15 Goals.

If you want to provide feedback to the Board, our email addresses are listed at District 15 School Board. And/or you can provide feedback to Superintendent Scott Thompson at or to me by visiting my contact page.

Best Regards,

Scott Herr

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