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Flaws in District 15 10-Year Teacher Contract

Palatine District 15′s new 10-year teacher contract is deeply flawed.

Following below is a detailed critique of the contract I emailed to the District 15 Board on May 29th after the new contract was signed and released on May 26, 2016.

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Some of the issues mentioned in the email:


District 15 Deficit Spending

September 9, 2014

Dear District 15 Community,

Are you concerned about your property taxes? You should be.

District 15 is heading down the slippery slope of deficit spending, which ultimately leads to higher taxes.

The budget for this year authorizes a $4.0 million deficit and is on the agenda for approval by the Board this [...]

District 15 is publishing misleading financial information

UPDATE 3/31/2014: The misleading reporting issue that is the subject of this post was largely corrected by District 15 starting with financial reports issued in March 2014. For financial reports issued from October 2013 through February 2014 you would need to carefully consider the impact of the double-counting issue noted here for District 15 revenue [...]